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02 07 2013 Comments Off

Notes from the early summer garden

By summer the garden has revealed what has, and has not, come through the winter. The late spring strugglers have either romped away or given up the ghost. Where they have died I’m now filling gaps either with new little treasures or with more of the same.
I’ve come to realise how few big campanulas there are available to gardeners. Some years ago I grew Campanula ‘Burghaltii’, which I really like, …

21 02 2013 Comments Off

The Perennial Garden In February

Believe it or not, some time during this month almost all perennials will be stirring, if not above ground then definitely below. Roots are moving and with the more adventurous perennials new leaves are easing upwards. In my garden the succulent red shoots of peonies are just poking through the soil. If you gently peel back the tops you might even see June’s flower buds forming. Others are making good …

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Cutting back

Garden November 2012
This week (it is now mid November) I looked out of the kitchen window onto a dreary site. The borders that were once full of subtle autumn colours has changed to damp, brown mounds of leaves. There is the occasional speckle of colour from Scabiosa ochroleuca and the odd persistent aster flower, but generally the scene is uninspiring.
Garden September 2012
So now is the time to cut back and …