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23 04 2014 Comments Off

Great Spring Combinations

Due to the severe lack of time I have to write, especially between spring and late autumn, I thought visitors to this blog might like to see some of the great combinations that crop up in my garden throughout the growing year.
Starting in now in April, this delightful mixture of rather unfashionable Dicentra spectabilis (now called Lamprocapnos spectabilis) and the tall, uncommon Brunnera macrophylla ‘Blaukuppel’ enhance each others beauty, something …

Perennials for Butterflies

When we moved into the house we now live in very few butterflies visited the garden. Largely planted up with roses, there was little for butterflies to feed on. The garden has now expanded to become a perennial garden and on warm days butterflies of all kinds can be seen merrily fluttering about the flowerbeds. Perennials produce just the right kind of blooms for butterflies and there are many that …

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Notes from the early summer garden

By summer the garden has revealed what has, and has not, come through the winter. The late spring strugglers have either romped away or given up the ghost. Where they have died I’m now filling gaps either with new little treasures or with more of the same.
I’ve come to realise how few big campanulas there are available to gardeners. Some years ago I grew Campanula ‘Burghaltii’, which I really like, …

27 04 2013 Comments Off

Spring shoots

At last spring is here and everything is growing rapidly. We gardeners look forward to the summer with a mature garden full of shape and colour, but all plants including perennials can be just as beautiful in early spring.
Lysimachia punctata ‘Alexander’
Dicentra spectabilis
Euphorbia dulcis ‘Chameleon’
Some of the most attractive are plants that emerge with red shoots, many of which turn green as spring turns to summer. In fact …

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Perennials For Pots

In my experience, growing plants in pots can be really rewarding. Not only do they provide colour for many months, pots are perfect for anyone who lacks time, space, has difficulty in moving around or who want to hide something unsightly.
Trifolium repens & low spreading thyme
When choosing plants for pots most gardeners select a combination of brightly coloured annuals. These will bloom from July to September, but die when the …