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Things that are happening on the nursery now

29 06 2012 Comments Off

Where is all the plant knowledge now?

I’m beginning to feel that there is a growing lack of knowledge when it comes to plants and I’m pondering the reasons why?
I’ll give you a few examples. I was watching coverage of this year’s BBC Gardener’s World exhibition and Monty Don featured a new astrantia on a stand that required a name. Having asked around the BBC crew they came up with ‘Celeste’. Lovely name, only thing was the …

15 06 2012 Comments Off

Things are calming down

For the plant lover spring and early summer can be a very busy time. Since late May Ric and I have been to Oregon & Missouri to look at new varieties of irises and peonies. Sadly the peonies in Missouri had come and gone by the time we arrived due to an early spring, but those in Oregon were just beginning. The irises were in the middle of the flowering …

14 05 2012 Comments Off

Spring Expectations – mail order wise

Spring for the nurseryman is a taxing time. Some plants don’t make it through the winter, turning up their toes just as spring dawns, while other more tender varieties come through beautifully. This year the astrantias have been incredibly slow to emerge. I’m not sure if the heat of March (do you recall those 2 hot weeks) which stopped them in their tracks. Even now in May they are only …