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Mullein moths

I spend a lot of time wandering around my garden, pulling weeds and just looking at what is happening, especially when it comes to wild life. Each year the verbascums (commonly called Mulleins) get attacked by the caterpillars of Mullein Moth. These handsome little yellow and black creatures devour the leaves and flower buds. But I leave them be, because I know they will recover. As these pictures prove.
Mullein moth …

Perennials for Butterflies

When we moved into the house we now live in very few butterflies visited the garden. Largely planted up with roses, there was little for butterflies to feed on. The garden has now expanded to become a perennial garden and on warm days butterflies of all kinds can be seen merrily fluttering about the flowerbeds. Perennials produce just the right kind of blooms for butterflies and there are many that …

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Cutting back

Garden November 2012
This week (it is now mid November) I looked out of the kitchen window onto a dreary site. The borders that were once full of subtle autumn colours has changed to damp, brown mounds of leaves. There is the occasional speckle of colour from Scabiosa ochroleuca and the odd persistent aster flower, but generally the scene is uninspiring.
Garden September 2012
So now is the time to cut back and …

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Plants for flying insects

‘Summer in September’ lasted all of two weeks, but it’s been a great start to autumn, especially after the cool, wet summer we have experienced this year. The warmth of the past few weeks brought the garden to life with the welcome appearance of bees, butterflies and a myriad of other flying creatures.
One evening Ric and I were sitting with a ritual glass of wine looking at a patch of …