Green Mexico

It did not occur to me that the Mexican province of Yucatan would provide any gardening inspiration. But how wrong. The use of green plants in a climate with temperatures as high as of 30C and humidity of 90% was inspiring.

Over the week we were there, on a much need break, I came across lots wonderful examples of how to use green and not so green plants. Perhaps not the best plants for us in the cold, wet UK to use outdoors, but certainly they could be adapted for use elsewhere or other things could be used instead.

Outside Cancun Airport (top picture) I thought the use of wide strips of ferny asparagus and strips of grass were not only texturally lovely but really fresh. 

In the hotel the passage between the buildings were dark, but these were kept calm and cool by the use of tall palms and medium palms and creeping ground cover plants.

On the hotel wall outside a hugh wrought iron tree held pots of pretty Bougainvillea. In this country pelargoniums could be used. Might be good for town gardens with lots of wall?

Within the hotel concrete pots contained Heart Leaf Philodendron and upright ferns. Clean.

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