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Spring shoots

At last spring is here and everything is growing rapidly. We gardeners look forward to the summer with a mature garden full of shape and colour, but all plants including perennials can be just as beautiful in early spring.
Lysimachia punctata ‘Alexander’
Dicentra spectabilis
Euphorbia dulcis ‘Chameleon’
Some of the most attractive are plants that emerge with red shoots, many of which turn green as spring turns to summer. In fact …

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Perennials For Pots

In my experience, growing plants in pots can be really rewarding. Not only do they provide colour for many months, pots are perfect for anyone who lacks time, space, has difficulty in moving around or who want to hide something unsightly.
Trifolium repens & low spreading thyme
When choosing plants for pots most gardeners select a combination of brightly coloured annuals. These will bloom from July to September, but die when the …

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Early Spring Colour

March is a time of optimism for gardeners. We never know what the rest of the year is going to bring, but at least spring flowers give us hope that it might, just, be glorious. Besides daffodils and crocuses, which pepper our lawns and borders, early blooming perennials are beginning to bring colour in to the garden.
Most early flowering perennials thrive in areas that later in the year will be …

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The Perennial Garden In February

Believe it or not, some time during this month almost all perennials will be stirring, if not above ground then definitely below. Roots are moving and with the more adventurous perennials new leaves are easing upwards. In my garden the succulent red shoots of peonies are just poking through the soil. If you gently peel back the tops you might even see June’s flower buds forming. Others are making good …

Perennials For A Green January

I think everyone will agree that this Christmas has been a total washout – at least for all those gardeners who live in the west and north of Britain. Incessant rain has left the ground totally sodden making it impossible to get near any borders, let alone on to them and it is now time to cut back leaves and stems that are brown and soggy.
But not all is lost, …