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Cutting back

Garden November 2012
This week (it is now mid November) I looked out of the kitchen window onto a dreary site. The borders that were once full of subtle autumn colours has changed to damp, brown mounds of leaves. There is the occasional speckle of colour from Scabiosa ochroleuca and the odd persistent aster flower, but generally the scene is uninspiring.
Garden September 2012
So now is the time to cut back and …

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Green Mexico

It did not occur to me that the Mexican province of Yucatan would provide any gardening inspiration. But how wrong. The use of green plants in a climate with temperatures as high as of 30C and humidity of 90% was inspiring.
Over the week we were there, on a much need break, I came across lots wonderful examples of how to use green and not so green plants. Perhaps not the best …

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Plants for flying insects

‘Summer in September’ lasted all of two weeks, but it’s been a great start to autumn, especially after the cool, wet summer we have experienced this year. The warmth of the past few weeks brought the garden to life with the welcome appearance of bees, butterflies and a myriad of other flying creatures.
One evening Ric and I were sitting with a ritual glass of wine looking at a patch of …

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Where is all the plant knowledge now?

I’m beginning to feel that there is a growing lack of knowledge when it comes to plants and I’m pondering the reasons why?
I’ll give you a few examples. I was watching coverage of this year’s BBC Gardener’s World exhibition and Monty Don featured a new astrantia on a stand that required a name. Having asked around the BBC crew they came up with ‘Celeste’. Lovely name, only thing was the …

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Things are calming down

For the plant lover spring and early summer can be a very busy time. Since late May Ric and I have been to Oregon & Missouri to look at new varieties of irises and peonies. Sadly the peonies in Missouri had come and gone by the time we arrived due to an early spring, but those in Oregon were just beginning. The irises were in the middle of the flowering …